We sell Cheap Egypt tour deals, to Pyramids of Giza, Aswan, Luxor, Kom Ombo, and Edfu. Cairo - Egypt tours.
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Egypt Pyramid Room Upgrade

Best of Egypt Tour

Including International Airfare and All Taxes
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USA Departures (USD)
New York $1,999
Washington $2,099
Miami - Dallas - Chicago $2,299
Los Angeles - San Francisco - Atlanta $2,399
Canadian Departures (CAD)
Toronto - Montreal $2,299
Quebec City $2,499
Halifax - Winnipeg $2,599
St. John's $2,699
Calgary - Edmonton - Vancouver - Saskatoon - Regina $2,799
Weekly Departures from Oct. 15, 2014 to Nov. 30, 2015. Price is based on limited seat availability and may be higher during Summer (June 20 to Sept. 10), Christmas week and Easter holidays. To get the best deals be flexible on departure dates. Prices are per person based on double occupancy. Single Supplement is $599. Monday and Friday departures cost $90 more per person.
Tour Inclusions:
  • International airfare from most major cities in the USA and Canada.
  • Domestic Flight Transfers Cairo - Luxor - Aswan - Cairo, assisted and transferred to the airport by English speaking guide and air conditioned.
  • Three nights accommodation at the 5* Le Meridien Pyramids Starwood Hotel, within walking distance of the Giza Plateau, breakfast included daily.
  • Visit to the Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids of Giza, with lunch included and fully guided.
  • All entrance fees during your Cairo sightseeing Tour (except Mummy Room at Cairo Museum $20 USD).
  • Four nights aboard the 5* Semiramis Nile River Cruise. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included daily.
Featured on Los Angeles KTLA 5 News.
  • Guided tour to visit Karnak Temple and Luxor Temples provided by English speaking Licensed Egyptologist.
  • Guided tour to visit Valley of the Kings & Hatshepsut Temple provided by English speaking Licensed Egyptologist.
  • Guided tour to Edfu & Kom Ombo Temple provided by English speaking Licensed Egyptologist.
  • Guided Tours Philae Temple, High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk provided by English speaking Licensed Egyptologist.
  • Excursion to Abu Simbel by road with boxed breakfast.
  • Dress up in traditional Egyptian attire and enjoy a Galabeya Party Night.
  • All entrance fees during sightseeing while aboard your Nile River Cruise.
  • All transfers by and air conditioned car and English speaking guide for your sightseeing while aboard your Nile River Cruise.
  • Assisted and transferred to the airport on your first and last day by English speaking Guide and air conditioned car.
  • All taxes.
  • Extra Bonus: Short Camel Ride at the Cairo Pyramids, a great photo opportunity.
  • Add the convenience of an All Inclusive Cruise Drinks Package for only $149 per person.
Day 1
Board your international flight to Cairo from any major city in Canada or the USA.
Day 2: Cairo
Upon landing in Egypt, purchase your visa by filling out an application form provided there and submit with $25 USD cash per person. They will stamp your passport, then proceed to clear customs and immigration. Once done you will meet our Representative who will assist you with transfer to your Hotel 5* Le Meridien Pyramids Starwood Hotel. This hotel is well located very close from the Grand Pyramids. Available at an extra cost an upgrade to the historic 5* Mena House Hotel.
Air conditioned vehicle transfer, English speaking Guide. Overnight in Cairo.
Accommodation: Le Meridien Pyramids Starwood Hotel... For More Info: Click Here >>
Upgrade at an extra cost to: Mena House Hotel.... For More Info: Click Here >>
Meals included today: None.
Activities: None.
Day 3: Cairo
After breakfast, our guide will accompany you on a visit to the Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, with a simple lay out on two floors is one of the most fascinating Museums you will visit, it houses an amazing collection of artifacts that bring you face to face with the legacy of the Pharaohs.
Although you will encounter an overwhelming amount antiquities some of the highlights are: the treasures of Tutankhamun his golden burial mask and coffin, and the Mummies Rooms. Entrance fees are included to avoid long confusing line ups. Entrance fee to the Mummies rooms is not included $20 USD paid locally.
Next is a visit to one of Egypt's most recognized sites, The Grand Pyramids of The Giza Plateau, located 10 miles south of Central Cairo just at the edge of metropolitan Cairo. One of the last still standing wonders of the ancient world, with its three Great Pyramids Khufu,(also known as Cheops) over 4,000 years old the oldest and largest of the three. Khafre (Chepren) the only one with an original stone cap at the top and Menkaura (Mycerinus) the smallest. Although not for everyone but entrance to the Pyramids can be arranged at an extra cost. At the foot of the Great Pyramid you find the mysterious Sphinx carved almost entirely from one piece of limestone one of the most photographed ancient monuments in the world. Without a doubt your visit to the Great Pyramids of Giza will be one of the most memorable of your trip. Overnight in Cairo.
Accommodation: Le Meridien Pyramids Starwood Hotel... For More Info: Click Here >>
Meals included today: Breakfast at your Hotel, Lunch during your sightseeing tour.
Activities included today: Visit to the Grand Pyramids and the Cairo Egyptian Museum.
Day 4: Cairo – Luxor – Nile River Cruise
This morning your guide will transfer and assist you to board your flight to Luxor, upon arrival transfer to your River Cruise, Semiramis Nile River Cruise Lines includes all meals, coffee, tea and other beverages are available at an extra cost. Please have cash available for incidentals and not included extras, as credit cards are not always accepted on board. Upgrades to smaller luxury and Luxury + Ships are available. All our shore excursions guided by a licensed English speaking Egyptologist are included. Today you will visit:
Luxor Temple: A magnificent example of Egyptian temple architecture, along with Karnak was one of the most sacred and important Temples of Ancient Thebes (now Luxor City). Built parallel to the River Nile dedicated to Amun Ra King of Gods and his wife Mut (Goddess of War), at Luxor you find Colossal Statues of Rameses, and big 24 meters carved pylons. One of the two Obelisks that once stood at the entrance of Luxor Temple still remains, the other was removed and transported to France in 1874 and now sits at the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Another site worth mentioning is the Mosque of Abu El Hagag which was built on top of the buried ruins of Luxor Temple, after the Temple was uncovered the Mosque was preserved and is still a place of worship until today.
Karnak Temple: Located on the East bank is the largest temple complex in Egypt. Built over a period of 1300 years to honor the god Amun of Thebes his wife Mut and Sons Khons. An impressive complex of over 25 Temples full of Sanctuaries, big columns, and Obelisks, at least thirty Pharaohs are represented here over a period of time. One of the highlights is the Hypostyle Hall with 134 enormous pillars, for sure an awe inspiring place.
Stroll down the famous avenue of the Sphinxes, with a length of two miles it was once lined with hundred of sphinxes. Ancient Egyptians traveled on a horse drawn carriage between Luxor and Karnak Temples during the festival of Opet, a celebration to reunite God Amun and his wife Mut since their statues were kept separate one on each Temple. Overnight on board in Luxor.
Accommodation: M/S Semiramis I & II Cruise.... For More Info: Click Here >>
Upgrade at an extra cost to: Sonesta Nile Goddess Cruise.... For More Info: Click Here >>
Upgrade at an extra cost to: The Oberoi Zahra Luxury Nile Cruiser.... For More Info: Click Here >>
Meals included today: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Activities included today: Guided Tour of Karnak Temple, Guided Tour Luxor Temple Complex.
Day 5: Nile River Cruise – Luxor
Breakfast on board later visit West Bank to see the Necropolis for pharaohs and nobles, the Valley of the Kings most well known for being the place where Tutankhamun's Tomb was found, Tutankhamun's treasures now in Cairo's Egyptian Museum. The Valley of the Kings is a World Heritage site, many of the tombs are closed to the public and your guide will direct you to the ones that are open. Use of video equipment is forbidden. A very important site in Egyptian History since the most important Pharaos in Egypt were buried here.
Queen of Hatshepsut Temple: Dedicated to the first female Pharaoh, set at the head of the valley, the temple is the best example of Egyptian classical style architecture. Built to express the grandeur of the Pharaoh as well as honoring the gods that she would need in the afterlife, her statues were all defaced by her son Tuthmosis III, after her death.
Colossi of Memnon: All that remains of the largest and most opulent mortuary Temple of Amenhotep. Although badly damaged the massive stone statues 75 feet in height in the image of Pharaoh Amenhotep III are still quite impressive. The colossi have stood guard for more than 3400 years on the West Bank. Overnight on board while sailing to Edfu.
Accommodation: M/S Semiramis I & II Cruise.... For More Info: Click Here >>
Meals included today: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Activities included today: Guided Tour West Bank Valley of the Kings, Visit Queen Hatshepsut Temple, Visit The Colossi of Memnon.
Day 6: Nile River Cruise – Edfu
Breakfast on board, today enjoy visits to:
Temple of Edfu, built in the Greco Roma Era is the most well preserved and complete Egyptian temple, built to honor Horus the falcon headed god. The walls are lined with inscriptions and hieroglyphics depicting the age old struggle between Horus and Seth, This impressive example of the Ptolemaic architecture is said to have taken 180 years to complete.
Overlooking the Nile you find the Temple of Kom Ombo in the town of the same name located 45 km north of Aswan. Built to honor the crocodile and Falcon Gods Sobek and Horus, dating from 180 BC it has beautifully carved columns some of them still keep their original brilliant colors. Sail to Aswan. Overnight in Aswan.
Accommodation: M/S Semiramis I & II Cruise.... For More Info: Click Here >>
Meals included today: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Activities included today: Guided Tour Edfu Temple, Guided Tour Komombo Temple.
Day 7: Nile River Cruise – Aswan
Breakfast on board, enjoy visits to:
The High Dam: Bordering Egypt and Sudan, the world's largest dam, its construction finished in 1970, and it changed the life of Egyptian people providing flood protection, irrigation, and electricity to Egypt. One of the most talked about facts is the enormous task of relocating many ancient monuments along the banks of the Nile, this was only possible by using very advanced engineering and the cooperation of many Countries.
Also due to the construction of the High Dam we have Lake Nasser a lake in the desert is the world's biggest artificial body of water. Lake Nasser is a very beautiful area, to explore it you need to take a separate river cruise that sails between Aswan and Abu Simbel.
Granite Quarries with Unfinished Obelisk: Most of the red granite used to built Egypt's Temples and Tombs came from these quarries. Here lies the Unfinished Obelisk still attached to the bedrock. Abandoned when a crack appeared while working on it. It's weight is calculated at 110 tons and would have been the world's largest piece of solid stone ever carved.
Temple of Philae: On the island of Agilkia, the beautiful temple of Philae, dating from 380 BC. erected to honor the goddess Isis, this is not its original location, this Temple was relocated from the holy island of Philae in the middle of Lake Nasser. In 1960 a rescue operation that took many years and the cooperation of an international group of engineers and archaeologists, many of the buildings and monuments were painstakingly moved from Philae which was continually flooded and eventually submerged in Lake Nasser. Overnight in Aswan.
Accommodation: M/S Semiramis I & II Cruise.... For More Info: Click Here >>
Meals included today: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Activities included today: Guided Tour visiting Aswan's High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, Visit Temple of Philae.
Day 8: Abu Simbel
Early morning departure to Abu Simbel by air conditioned vehicle with a boxed breakfast approximately three hours drive.
Abu Simbel: One of the most well known sites in Egypt after the Pyramids of Giza and their Sphinx, on the West bank of the Nile at the shores of Lake Nasser. Abu Simbel was one of the Temples moved from its original sacred place to save it from flooding, a project considered one of the greatest achievements in modern engineering. Fully guided by a licensed Egyptologist.
Our representative will transfer you and assist you with your flight back to Cairo. Upon arrival transfer to your Cairo Hotel assisted by our representative.
Accommodation: Le Meridien Pyramids Starwood Hotel... For More Info: Click Here >>
Upgrade at an extra cost to: Mena House Hotel.... For More Info: Click Here >>
Meals included today: Boxed breakfast on route to Abu Simbel
Activities included today: Guided Excursion by road to Abu Simbel.
Upgrade to Flight to Abu Simbel for $299
Day 9: Cairo
Tour Ends. Our representative will assist you with your planned arrangements.
Old Cairo Tour: Explore one of the oldest parts of Cairo, frequently referred as Islamic Cairo since this part of Cairo houses the most famous Islamic monuments.
Totally pedestrian friendly, admire the ancient streets, beautiful architecture that pops everywhere in houses and Mosques. At the heart of Islamic Cairo is Khan El Khalili Bazaar, one of the oldest shopping Markets in the World, walk thru the alleys lined up with traditional stores selling everything from spices, perfume essences to a large variety of souvenirs This Tour also includes Memphis and Sakkara two very important archeological sites in Egypt, here you find the "Step Pyramid of Zoser" and a Museum that houses a very impressive Colossus of Ramses. Full day tour Guided with lunch included..... Read More >>
Sound and Light Show Pyramids Of Giza Cairo Magnificent displays of lights, music and dramatic story telling. If you visited these ancient Monuments during the day, you will not believe you are in the same place, the night and creative lighting gives them new life. Transfers included.
Alexandria: Visit Alexandria's new Library with its impressive and beautiful architecture built in the approximate site of the original, is one of the largest in the Arab World. Continue to the Fortress of Qaitbey this is the place where the Pharos Lighthouse once stood, the Lighthouse was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, disappeared during an earthquake in the XII century. The Fortress was built over the ruins in the XV century by Mamluk Sultan Qaitbey, built to defend Egypt against an invasion from the Turks. It is a great place to stroll you get great views of Central Alexandria from across the Harbor. Full day tour with lunch included.
Hurghada Extension: One of Egypt's most well known Red Sea Side resort areas. Hurghada has beautiful beaches great for snorkeling, and diving plenty of water sports can be enjoyed as well. Hurghada is also popular with night life seekers at night the town comes alive with the many street side restaurants and Clubs. Forty minutes boat ride from Hurghada you can visit the National Park of Giftun Island, a place of pristine beauty, with crystal clear waters ideal for snorkeling. You can visit Hurghada at the end of your Nile River Cruise Tour, it is four hours drive from Luxor, a couple of nights unwinding by the beach is the best way to end your Egypt Vacation. Two night tour extension with breakfast and Dinner included daily
Jordan Extension: Travel to Jordan for a two night three day excursion of this fascinating Country. Visit world renowned sites like Petra the Pink City, and Wadi Rum the desert made famous in the movie Lawrence of Arabia. The package includes international airfare to Amman, 4* Hotel with breakfast, transfers by private air conditioned car, and three days of fully guided tours by and English speaking Guide. If your time and budget allows it, is an opportunity not to be missed. For only $799 plus airfare per person.
Upgrade to First Class Egypt Tour, enjoy your Cairo stay at Mena house one of the best located luxury Hotels in Cairo, just 700 meters from the Pyramids of Giza, with beautifully landscaped gardens overlooking the Pyramids, cruise the Nile aboard Sonesta Nile Goddess Cruise offers elegant, modern accommodation with broad panoramic views of the River Nile. Click Here
Upgrade to Discover Egypt Tour!
A 12 day vacation with seven days Nile cruise..... Click Here
Price Excludes:
  • Visa on arrival at Cairo airport $25 USD Per Person.
  • Any items of personal nature such as phone calls, laundry, drinks, etc to be paid in cash aboard Ship.
  • Customary tips to driver, guides, cruise staff, etc.
  • Entrance to the Mummy Rooms at the Cairo Museum $20 USD per person.
  • All optional tours mentioned on the day by day itinerary provided.
  • Coffee, tea and other beverages are at an extra cost aboard the Nile River Cruise.
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