Signature Halong Cruise
Signature Junior Suite: These suites are located on our lower deck and we have double and twin suites available, depending on our guests needs. All of our suites on Signature Halong Cruise offer you only the best quality for your maximum pleasure and convenience. Listed below are the contents of your suite and are available in all suites.
Room Amenities:
High quality wooden beds
LCD Samsung 32 inches TV
In-room personal safe box
Hand crafted wooden furniture
Remote controlled air-conditioning
Exceptionally clean private bathroom
Comfortable mattress with soft pillows
Clothes hangers
Laundry Service
Soft fluffy Towels
Daily clean of cabin
Dry-cleaning service
Fully stocked Mini bar
Contemporary decorations
Laundry bag
Fruit baskets
Working desks
Luggage shelves
Crisp bed linen
Electric kettle
Hot Water
Signature Cruise Halong is fast becoming one of the most sought after cruising experiences on the Gulf of Tonkin. Being hailed as one of the largest vessels in the area, we also offer some of the largest suites and best facilities. Our main concern onboard our cruises are the safety of our passengers and the threat to the surrounding environment, we commit to bring you the experience you expected.
We offer a broad range of on board activities, facilities, side trips and excursions. Our main aim is to provide the best possible service for our guests and to make their stay as enjoyable as possible on board activities. Signature Halong Cruise will indulge you in any way possible and look forward to pampering you on your stay with the best Halong Bay cruise. Read Halong Bay cruise reviews and you will find that joining us is your perfect choice.
Our Decks
Lower Deck: Our lower deck contains 290m2 of floor space which includes the vessels entrance and reception area. We also have six Signature Deluxe Suites on this level with two double suites (cabin 19.5m2 inclusive/ensuite 5m2) and four twin suites (cabin 26m2 inclusive/ensuite 5m2). Ours Crew also live on this deck with a dormitory and Cruise Manager Cabin. Male and female public restrooms are also available for our guests.
Middle Deck: Comprised of six suites, all with balconies or terraces, the middle deck is 270m2 in size. Our suites on this level include Signature Double Suites with balconies (cabin 28m2 inclusive/ensuite 5m2), the Signature Elite Family Suite with a private terrace, (cabin 45m2 inclusive/ensuite 6m2) and the Signature Exclusive Family Suite with a private terrace (cabin 32m2 inclusive/ensuite 6m2). Public bathrooms are available on this level.
Top Deck: The top deck is 260m2 and is home to our well renowned restaurant with a seating capacity for up to 45 people. Our air-conditioned restaurant is 90m2 in size and offers magnificent views. The restaurant is surrounded by an outdoor balcony for those wishing to dine outside. Our exceptional kitchen is fully equipped and contains a huge preparation area. Our large projector screen offers entertainment throughout your cruise. The Captain's cabin and wheel room are on this deck as well as public amenities.
Rooftop Sun Terrace: This incredible sun terrace is a favorite amongst our guests and features our bar area. The space is 130m2 and hosts up to 30 sun lounges and areas shaded by umbrellas. This charming garden area is at your disposal anytime of the night or day and is the perfect place to watch the wonders unfold around you, enjoy a book or a drink or just relax and sunbathe. Morning Tai Chi classes are held here.
Restaurant & Bars
Our Restaurant: Experience fine dining in our prestigious restaurant located on the top deck of Signature Halong Cruise. With a seating capacity of up to 40 passengers, Signature Halong Cruise restaurant offers air conditioned comfort with surround views of the incredible scenery. Adjoining our restaurant are large outdoor terraces for those passengers who prefer outdoor dining. Our talented head chef and his assistants take pleasure in presenting you with a wide range of assorted dishes from around the globe. Specializing in Seafood, International and Vietnamese cuisines.
Our Bar: Situated on our Rooftop Sun Terrace, the Signature Halong cruise bar is the ideal place to relax after a day of sightseeing. Our fully stocked bar has a broad range of International and Vietnamese alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Join us on our Rooftop Terrace, it's a terrific place to meet fellow passengers, discuss travel stories and has perfect 360 degrees views of the adorable bay.
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