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St. Lucia Vacation Information:

St. Lucia is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea and it is part of the Lesser Antilles. The Capital city of St. Lucia is Castries, the total population of the island according to the census in 2009 is of 173,765 people.
The biggest concentration of touristic development is in the northwest between the capital city (Castries) and the north end of the island where a group of white sand beaches are located. The rest of St. Lucia is mostly unspoiled mountains, valleys, banana plantations, volcanoes and fishing villages.
St. Lucia depends primarily on tourism, production of banana and light manufacturing. St. Lucia touristic activity increases during the dry season (January to April), the reason for its popularity is due to its tropical weather, scenery and the large number of beaches and resorts.
Most tourist to the island visit St. Lucia as part of a cruise, and most of their time is spent in the capital city of Castries as well as Soufriere, Marigot Bay and Gros Islet. Castries does not have many architectural sites, but its public market is one the most interesting of the West Indies. Another highlight of Castries is Derek Walcott Square surrounded by the public library, the most visible Catholic Church the Cathedral.
St. Lucia Pictures
A number of activities are available for visitor to St. Lucia, some of them include: scuba diving, deep sea fishing, yachting, windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing and snorkelling.
St. Lucia Year Round Temperatures
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Air Temperature 27 27 28 28 30 29 29 30 30 30 28 28
Water Temperature 24 24 25 25 26 27 26 26 26 26 26 25
Rainfall (mm) 175 218 213 132 97 58 53 58 33 36 46 127

St. Lucia Facts:

  • Capital: Castries
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar
  • Driver's License: An International driver's license is needed or a temporary St. Lucia's
    license (US $20) must be purchased. Must be 25 years old with a credit card.
  • Electricity: 220 V, 50Hz. A few hotels have 110 V, 60Hz
  • Entry Requirements: A valid passport required and ongoing or return ticket.
  • GMT Time: -4hr. Daylight savings time is not applied
  • Government: Independant democratic nation within the British Commonwealth.
  • Land size: 616 km2
  • Language: English, French patois
  • National Airlines: None
  • Population: 166,312 approx
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 80%, other 10%, Protestant 7%, Anglican 3%
  • Requirred Vaccines: None
  • Tourist Season: December through May
  • Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada: Travel Report of St. Lucia