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Jamaica Vacation Information:

Jamaica is an island nation in the Antilles and it is approximately 234Km in length and 80 km in width. The small island is on the Caribbean Sea and is south of Cuba and west of Hispaniola (Haiti/Dominican Republic).
Jamaica has an estimated 2.83 million people; the official language is English and remains a Commonwealth nation with Queen Elizabeth as Head of State. The capital city of Jamaica is Kingston and it is the country's largest city.
Jamaica is a favourite vacation spot for many people. Jamaica is privileged with having beautiful sandy beaches and sky blue waters. Jamaica's early inhabitants called the island Xaymaca which means "land of wood and water" or "the land of springs" in the Taino language. If you are thinking of Jamaica as a place to relax, don't look any further, as mentioned before Jamaica offers beautiful beaches, dive sites, resorts and sight-seeing tours and many more things do and explore.
Jamaica Pictures
Before going to Jamaica, research where you wish to go, among the beaches of the island we can name, Doctor's Cave Beach (Montego Bay), Seven Mile Beach (Negril), Treasure Beach (South Coast) and Boston Bay Beach (Port Antonio).
Jamaica offers excellent golf courses, White Witch of Rose Golf Course located in Montego Bay, Sandals Golf & Country Club (Ocho Rios), Tryall Club Jamaica also in Montego Bay and others. Montego Bay, Negril and Port Antonio offer the best in water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling.
Jamaica Facts:

  • Capital: Kingston
  • Currency: Jamaican dollar
  • Driver's License: International license recommended. Must be 25 years old with a
    credit card. Jamaicans drive on the LEFT.
  • Electricity: 110 V, 50Hz. Most hotels have 220 V.
  • Entry Requirements: We recommend to have a valid passport, but a birth certificate
    and photo id is accepted. Roundtrip or onward ticket required.
  • GMT Time: -5 hr. Daylight savings time not applied.
  • Government: Constitutional parliamentary democracy.
  • Land size: 10,991 Km2
  • Language: English, patois English
  • National Airlines: Air Jamaica
  • Population: 2,731,832 approx
  • Religion: 61% Protestant, 35% other including spiritual cults, 4% Roman Catholic.
  • Requirred Vaccines: None unless you arrive from certain tropical countries, please
    verify with your closest Jamaican consulate.
  • Tourist Season: December through April
  • Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada: Travel Report of Jamaica
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