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Dominican Republic Vacation Information:

The Dominican Republic (translated as Republica Dominicana in Spanish) is a country in the island of Hispaniola and part of the Antilles in the Caribbean. The island is split in two, on the western half is Haiti on the eastern side is the Dominican Republic.
The territory of the Dominican Republic was inhabited by Tainos, the first people to live in the area, and then reached by Christopher Columbus in 1492 when Europeans first arrived on this side of the world. The capital city of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo and also its largest city. The country claimed independence from Haiti in 1844. Population in the Dominican Republic was estimated at 9.7 million people in 2007.
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The climate in the Dominican Republic is mostly tropical with average temperatures of 25░C and is favourite vacation spot for many Americans, Canadians and Europeans.
The small Caribbean nation is well known for its contributions to the music and sports, famous singers and baseball players have come from the Dominican Republic to the USA and have excelled in the world of sports and music.
Dominican Republic Year Round Temperatures
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High 29 29 30 30 30 31 31 32 31 31 31 30
Average Low 20 20 20 21 22 23 23 23 23 22 21 20
Rainfall (mm) 63 57 54 72 188 140 145 177 181 187 100 84

Dominican Republic Facts:
  • Population: 9.5 million
  • Capital: Santo Domingo
  • Area: 48,072 sq km
  • Language: Spanish
  • Ethnic groups: Mixed (73%) - European (16%) - African origin (11%)
  • Government type: Democratic republic
  • Independence: February 27, 1844
  • Major religion: Roman Catholic (95%)
  • Currency: 1 Dominican peso (100 centavos)
  • GNI per capita:: US $2,460 (World Bank, 2007)
  • Internet domain: .do
  • International dialling code:: +1809
  • Foreign Affairs: Travel Report of The Dominican Republic
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