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Belize Vacation Information:

Belize is a small country in Central America; formerly British Honduras became an independent country in 1981. Belize is the only country in Central America to have English as its official language.
Belize’s capital city is Belmopan, but its largest city is Belize City. The population of Belize is estimated at 307,899 people in 2009.
In Belize you can enjoy a number of activities, the country offers beaches, ruins, and many other attractions that you can discover during your stay. The best ruins to visit and learn more about the heritage of the area are Altun Ha and Lamanai Mayan ruins in northern Belize, in Western Belize you can visit Xunantunich, El Pilar, and Caracol all Mayan ruins as well. Over the border with Guatemala you can find Tikal the biggest of the remaining classic Mayan cities.
Belize offers great adventures such sailing boat explorations of isolated islands, kayaking and camping, riding inner tubes through caves, canoeing, kayaking, and horseback riding.
Belize Pictures
Family vacations packages are also available, visit the Belize Zoo, or take a stroll through Old Belize which is part beach, museum, playground with plenty of entertainment for kids. Accommodation is available at Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina, The Great House both located in Belize City, there is also Cayo Espanto, Victoria House, the Turtle Inn, Maruba Resort Jungle Spa and many more.
Belize Year Round Temperatures
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High 26 26 28 29 30 30 30 30 30 28 27 26
Average Low 21 21 23 24 26 26 26 25 25 23 22 21
Rainfall (mm) 110 60 40 40 100 210 200 170 240 250 170 170

Belize Facts:

  • Capital: Belmopan
  • Currency: Belizean dollar
  • Driver's License: An international driver's license is recommended. Otherwise you will
    have to obtain a temporary 90-day driver's license.
  • Electricity: 110 V, 60 Hz
  • Entry Requirements: A passport valid throughout your stay is required as well as an
    ongoing or return ticket are required.
  • GMT Time: -6 hr. Daylight savings time is not applied.
  • Government: Parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
  • Land size: 22,966 km2
  • Language: English (official), Spanish, Mayan, Garifuna, Creole
  • National Airlines: Maya Island Air, Tropic Air
  • Population: 288,000 approx
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 27%, other 14%, none 9%
  • Requirred Vaccines: none
  • Tourist Season: February through May
  • Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada: Travel Report of Belize