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Antigua Vacation Information:

Antigua is is located in the Eastern Caribbean together with the Island of Barbuda form a nation part of the Leeward Islands. Antigua and Barbuda are separated by 52 km stretch of Atlantic Ocean. The capital city of the Antigua and Barbuda is Saint John's and this is also the largest city in the island.
Well known for its 365 beautiful beaches, and the unique pinkish sand beaches of Barbuda, an Antigua vacation is ideal for the traveler seeking some tranquility surrounded by unspoiled nature.
Tourism is the driver of the economy in the small island nation. Antigua is notably known for its exclusive vacation resorts. The majority of hotels, beach bars and water sports facilities are located northwest of Saint John's capital city. Many tourist choose an Antigua vacation to enjoy the diving opportunities in the smaller Island of Barbuda where you can find several ship wrecks and beautiful coral reefs, Barbuda also has bird sanctuaries worth visiting.
Antigua Pictures
Looking to golf during your Antigua vacation? Antigua has 2 great golf courses: The Jolly Harbour Golf Club and the Cedar Valle Golf Course.
Enjoy Antigua's cuisine wich is very influenced by west Indian dishes, a popular dish is Pepperport and Fungee a slow cooked seasoned stew.
Antigua Year Round Temperatures
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High 27 27 27 28 28 29 30 30 30 29 28 27
Average Low 23 22 23 23 25 26 26 26 26 25 24 23
Rainfall (mm) 38 76 48 53 190 63 127 46 178 249 185 88
Things to do on your Antigua vacation: Take a Catamaran day trip spend the day at one of the many secluded beaches, Go for a day tour of Antigua historical sites, Take a Catamaran tour to the Island of Barbuda and visit the bird sanctuary, Attend a game of Cricket the island's favourite sport, activities like horseback riding and hiking can be arranged by your front desk hotel.
Antigua vacation travel tips: The official language is English, their currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, but people prefer dealing in USD specially for shopping souvenirs, all major credit cards are accepted as well as travelers cheques, ATM's are readily available but they only dispense eastern Caribbean dollars, currency is 110v but bringing an adaptor is recommended since some hotels may have 220v, driving is on the left, and you need to be 25 years old to drive, you will also need to obtain a driving visitors permit.
Antigua Facts:

  • Capital: St John's
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar
  • Driver's License: International license recommended. Must be 25 years old and have a
    credit card. A visitor's permit of US $20 must be purchased. Antiguans drive on the LEFT.
  • Electricity: 110 V, 60Hz. Some hotels have 220 V.
  • Entry Requirements: A valid passport is required. Return or onward ticket required.
  • GMT Time: -4hr. Daylight savings time is not applied
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy and a member of the Commonwealth.
  • Land size: 441 km2, including Barbuda
  • Language: English, local dialects
  • National Airlines: none
  • Population: 79,500 approx, including Barbuda
  • Religion: 75% Anglican, 11% Protestant, 10% Roman Catholic, 4% other
  • Requirred Vaccines: none
  • Tourist Season: December through April
  • Foreign Affairs and International Trade: Travel Report of Antigua and Barbuda